Dell Optiplex Computers

There are a lot of desktops out there but none are as advanced and reliable as the Dell OptiPlex Computer. These masterpieces of engineering were created for the business sector aimed at the enterprise, government and education markets due to their space-saving nature and versatility. They have the added benefit of being sustainable with a huge percentage of the desktop being made from recycled plastic. In this blog, we take a look at a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the Dell OptiPlex and hope to encourage you to invest in Dell OptiPlex Computers for your office.

Which should I choose the Dell Vostro or OptiPlex?

Both the Vostro and the OptiPlex are desktop ranges and are aimed primarily at the business sector rather than at home. However, Vostro has now been discontinued this means that it only supports the Windows 7 Professional operating system whilst the OptiPlex includes licenses for Windows 10.

Can a Dell OptiPlex 780 running Windows 10?

Dell does not support the running of Windows 10 on the Dell OptiPlex Computer 780. They have not tested the computer and have therefore not upgraded the system to support Windows 10. There are, however, several Dell OptiPlex Computers do support Windows 10, the following included:

  • OptiPlex 3010
  • OptiPlex 3011 AIO
  • OptiPlex 3020
  • OptiPlex 3020M
  • OptiPlex 3030 All In One
  • OptiPlex 7010
  • OptiPlex 7020
  • OptiPlex 9010
  • OptiPlex 9010 All In One
  • OptiPlex 9020
  • OptiPlex 9020 All In One
  • OptiPlex 9020M
  • OptiPlex 9030 All In One
  • OptiPlex XE2

Does anyone still use desktop computers?

Many businesses and people still use desktops. It depends on each person needs in the business, a  lot of employees work away from the office and use their laptops nowadays so desktops are not always needed but a desktop can do a lot more than a laptop can, not to mention the superior memory that a PC has. When it comes to choosing a computer for most offices, we believe a desktop is still essential and the Dell OptiPlex Computer is the way to go.

Desktop and laptop computer

Desktop and laptop computer

Studio Flat Wolverhampton

Why a studio flat in Wolverhampton is the best move for you.

studio flat wolverhampton

You’ve just finished Uni and you’re beginning to start to consider the terrifying prospect of entering the world of work. The last thing you want to do is lose the freedom you’ve grown accustomed to over the past three years but there are so many issues with living away from home like loneliness and money. Owning a studio flat Wolverhampton is the perfect solution to all your worries.

Good connections to major cities

One of the hardest things about leaving University is saying goodbye to the family you’ve grown over the last three years. Suddenly the people who used to live five minutes away are tossed to all the corners of the country. One thing that will ease this loss is knowing that all your friends are accessible via direct train links. Those who live in a studio flat in Wolverhampton are able to visit friends across the country with direct trains to major cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, London and more.

A lot of provision for young people

It is also very common for recent graduates to mourn the night life and societies of University that allow them to make friends their own age so easy. Well, being a University city that attracts over 23,000 students from across the UK every year, Wolverhampton has fantastic provision for young people with a variety of night life options and access to leisure clubs. Many a studio flat in Wolverhampton will have community events and co-living areas to make the transition from University to working life that little bit easier.

Major investment and growth constantly happening

Wolverhampton is constantly growing with more and more money being poured in by the council and private investment every year to improve the city centre. The latest project is ‘Wolverhampton Westside’. The scheme will have a multiplex cinema, 10 pin bowling, a trampolining park, adventure golf and several restaurants and is set to be complete in 2021. The city is constantly improving and therefore securing a studio flat in Wolverhampton now is a wise investment.

Arts and Entertainment

Being an industrial town with a rich history, Wolverhampton has many museums and a thriving arts scene to entertain you for years to come. Once leaving University, it is likely that you’ll want to at least pretend to be more cultural and living in a studio flat in Wolverhampton is the perfect way to do this.


Finally, Wolverhampton is proportionally cheap compared to other cities it’s size. Rent prices in Wolverhampton are 33% cheaper than in Birmingham but Wolverhampton is still 20 minutes from Birmingham city centre. If you’re looking to be close to Birmingham without paying those high prices, Wolverhampton is the perfect solution for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent your first studio flat in Wolverhampton now!

Hire an Accountant for Your Business

Do you need an accountant to help you with your financial statements and books? The help of a professional Birmingham accounting company will allow you to prepare your financial statements and books.

Why hire a Birmingham accountant?

Hiring a professional accountant for your small business is one of the best investments you would make as an entrepreneur. A professional accountant can help make preparing and finalizing financial statements faster and easier. You no longer have to worry about the day to day accounting of your financial statements when you have an accountant to do them for you. You can focus on the big picture of your business without any distractions. The accountant also helps you understand the details of your current and future expenses. This knowledge helps you remove unnecessary expenditures from your business. The accountant can provide you with a holistic look into your finances.

A professional accountant also helps you make shrew business decisions that will help you expand your business. Expanding your small business takes financial smarts. An accountant can help you make the right choices. An accountant makes sure that your taxes are filed correctly and your financial future is secure.

How to Find the Best Birmingham Accountant

Now that you know the advantages of hiring an accountant, you must be curious as to how you will find the right one for your business. The best way to find the perfect accountant is by researching online. You can read customer reviews about the accountants or firms that are on your shortlist, including accountants in Birmingham. You can also compare prices and services when you research online. You can make a better decision when you assess each accounting firm first. You can also read feedback given by former clients. You get to see the big picture when you read comments and feedback given by previous customers.